Who is The Butterfly Effect Circus Company?


The Butterfly Effect Circus Company is a brand new immersive and interactive circus set to launch in 2021. The goal for our growth is to create a preliminary showing in Las Vegas by March 2021, and with good reception, to take the company on a national tour.

In order to bring this together, we’re seeking a minimum of $50,000 from various sources in order to acquire all the necessary elements to put the show together and take it on the road. 

What about safety?

Our pledge to safety lies in the timeline, as we plan to delay our opening until the projected winding down of the pandemic; We also have the advantage of time to plan new ways of designing our show in order to keep the magic while retaining the safety: masked costumes, ventilation, and our “un-tent” performance space. 

What’s your concept?

As a company, we are a mix of contemporary and classical circus. We have conceptually new and experimental acts, while maintaining a high level of world creation and character development in our productions.

We have several story concepts in mind for several shows to come. Our first story fis an ode to our company name and concept: a butterfly garden, greenhouse, vivarium. An enchanted garden that breathes life into the souls of those who enter. We currently are working on a musical track for the show, as well as staging, technical logistics, and artistic elements in order to bring this new concept to life. 


Why support the circus?

The Pandemic has created a situation with our economy not seen since the Great Depression- and those in the arts will have the longest, toughest battle to stay afloat. Thousands of artists are currently out of work, struggling to make ends meet. 

However, as venues and states slowly re-open, an opportunity exists for new performance companies to fill the vacuum for entertainment, increase employment, and to fix the current standard of treatment for employed artists by setting the new example.

The corporate giants of the circus entertainment world are sinking with debts and will take much longer to bounce back. But, a small company can take on any new challenges with finesse and ease- and a company born out of the ashes of the aftermath is the most dynamic of them all.


As a traveling show, we have the opportunity to reach audiences that cannot afford to visit those big tourist destinations, but can afford to visit a circus for a single night of magic and adventure.

I want to work for you! How can I submit my resume?

Please contact us through our forum, or email us at info@thebutterflyeffectcircus.net